Non-fault Accident

What you need to know if you have a non-fault accident

  • What is a non-fault accident?

    This is when your insurer can recover all of the claim costs from the liable party (the person who was to blame for the accident). The opposite of this is an at-fault accident, which is when you are the party who is liable for the damages. This may be because you were at fault or because you had an accident with a third party who cannot be claimed against.

  • What to do to deal with damage caused by a non-fault accident?

    Your first port of call should be Autobit Garage. We are perfectly placed to offer you everything from free accident management and claim advice assistance to car replacement.

Accident Management
  • 5 things to know/things to avoid if you have a non-fault accident

    1. All accidents must be declared to your insurer, even if you weren’t to blame. 
    2. Your policy may be invalidated if you don’t declare an accident, regardless of what or who was to blame. Your insurer will normally want to know about any accident you have been involved in as a driver over the last five years.
    3. Making a non-fault claim could result in your premiums going up, although Autobit Garage will do everything in our power to protect the integrity of your claims history as much as we possibly can.
    4. Your no claims discount (NCD) should not be affected by a non-fault claim.
    5. Using a specialist insurance work garage such as Autobit is the most stress-free way of dealing with a non-fault accident.

  • Why choose Autobit Garage if you have a non-fault accident?

    We are insurance work specialists with a primary focus on non-fault accidents, meaning that we are perfectly placed to take the strain so that you don’t have to. We can offer a comprehensive, fast and efficient accident management service with a focus on protecting both your vehicle and your future insurance premiums.

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